Four BYU men’s soccer players hang their BYU jerseys

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As they get ready to go on their graduate schooling, four BYU men soccer players are putting their BYU soccer jerseys
Jake Ence and Ben Jenson, Kaden Nielson, Kaden Nielsen and MJ Abfleck, all of whom claimed they were able to learn essential life lessons.
It’s all about fighting to get what you want. The key is to be a hard worker both on your own together as well as in a team. Just keep going even in times of difficulty. The advice of all experts is that you concentrate on things that you are able to influence.
Jake Ence stated that motivation to reach goals is a crucial element to his accomplishments.
“I recall growing up, I would always check for the highest scorers on site of the state and always be sure that I was in the top,” the player said.Ben Jenson, who was a player in the center position in the team, said teamwork played big role in all the accomplishments they achieved together. soccer jerseys custom name and number