The Bag It arrived in Mint Condition

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I I was anxious prior to receiving my bag knowing that it may arrive in a weird way. I was a little worried when I received my bag, that it might arrive wacky. This has happened to me with clothes and replica designer bags several times, more than I can think of. My Luggage arrived in mint state. It held its shape very well, no matter how much it was filled. There were absolutely zero scratches on the hardware and everything was in perfect condition. It was scented with that subtle “new purse” smell.
replica designer shoes were evident on many of the imitations I saw or purchased: the quality and stitching. The leather often felt really low-quality and the stitching was often not straight but instead a little messy. However, with this bag, I’m happy to report that it not only looks and feels expensive however the stitching is tidy and well-organized.